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Custom Sawmilling

We offer an array of sawmilling services including, but not limited to, wide slabbing and dimensional lumber milling. We customize in accordance with the details and dimensions specified by the customer.

Factors to consider...

Don’t let your timber go to waste or burned when it can be turned into usable lumber. If you are trying to decide if using your own tree, or your local box store lumber, here are a few considerations:


How much wood do you need? If your project demands only a small amount of material, use our inventory that is ready to go. If you need a large quantity and have it available, or if you need unusual sizes, feel free to offer your own personal logs for the project. 

Very important

Do you have a place to properly space out and protect your cut lumber while it is drying? The best sawing job can be ruined by poor storage conditions. If your wood isn't in perfect condition, we can still use the wood and put it through our vacuum kiln drying process.

Does your wood supply match your wants?

It's important to understand the dimensions of your project and to make sure your logs meet those needs. It sounds simple, but do you want black walnut and all you have are elm and maple logs? We are here to help.

Everybody has unique circumstances

That impacts their decision-making on which process suits them best. If you think your situation is unusual, abnormal, weird, too big, or too small? Call us and we'll be happy to help.

Pricing Structure

Being able to assemble lumber products from locally sourced trees is one of our specialties. We mill logs of all species for any type of project. From special one-of-a-kind woodworking projects to wood boards for flooring, casework, siding, fencing, or entire building projects. If we source the logs we charge per piece, and if you provide the logs we charge by the hour. Interested in a quote for a project that is on your mind? Feel free to reach out! Whatever you can dream up C3 Forest Products can help you create it! 

Kind Words From Our Customers

Great service and wonderful to work with.


Daniel and C3 Products do exceptional work and I highly recommend them. They are fairly priced and have great products & workmanship.


Daniel is great to work with. Top notch workmanship!



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