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Shop Live Edge Slabs, Crosscuts, Roots, and Finished Furniture

We take some of God's most beautiful resources and customize them for your home or workplace, using sustainable timber craftsmanship.

Design Your Own

Live Edge Wood Furniture

Our custom furniture option allows us to take your vision and turn it into a reality.


 Our Purpose

We seek to represent Christ in all that we do. We just happen to work with wood, but it’s not why we live. Our ultimate purpose is to leverage the resources God has given us to make a positive impact to all whom we come into contact with.

 Our Solutions 

We are a solutions oriented organization. We seek to find ways to overcome challenges for our customers and build a truly unique product / project for them.

 Our Promise 

 We do what we say. We seek to live out the word that we have given to our customers. We make mistakes too, as we are human. But it’s how we correct our mistakes that makes us different.