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Chill Drops - Liquid Pigment Kits

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Add some life to your epoxy projects. CHILL DROPS™  are ideal to color the CHILL EPOXY™ resins and can be used with our casting & coatings resins. CHILL DROPS™  TRANSPARENT & OPAQUE are highly concentraded epoxy base reactive pigments to use with our different CHILL EPOXY™ solutions.

Only a small amount will be enough to create stunning and long lasting results. While alcohol or water base pigments will fade away with time, our EPOXY base pigment will outlast any other solutions.

Only few drops is needed to create pure colors and effects. Control the strength and intensity of the color by slowly adding drops one at a time until you get the color you want.

All colors are available in Transparent or Opaque except the color white – available in Opaqe only

WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS: Total of 22 transparent vibrant colors and 24 Opaque colors

Available in 2oz-4oz bottle



CHILL DROPS TR (TRANSPARENT) AND OP (OPAQUE) are high quality epoxy  base reactive pigments to use with our different CHILL EPOXY™ solutions.

Without any VOC, alcohol, water and totally reactive, in opposition of what is actually offered in the market, the CHILL DROPS TRANSPARENT and CHILL DROPS OPAQUE are the only recommended pigments to use with the CHILL EPOXY solutions for a pure long lasting color.

CHILL EPOXY™  liquid pigments consist of hightly concentrated solutions which allow you to create uniform colors once thoroughly mixed into our epoxy resins.

Product Details:

  • Mixes easily
  • Very concentrared (2-5% need by mass)
  • Non Toxic, VOC, Alcohol and water FREE
  • Low odor
  • Long lasting colors
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