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Chill Release 110 Silicone Base Release Agent For Molds

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Tired of using red tapes and having all those tape marks on the bottom surface of your epoxy causing extra sanding? The CHILL RELEASE 110™ is the best alternative for professional epoxy users to replace tape inside your molds and safe time.

CHILL RELEASE 110™ is a silicone base compound primarily formulated to be used as a release agent in epoxy, rigid and elastomeric polyurethane and metal molds. Can also be used in various industrial applications. Allows easy removal of Epoxy projects inside your molds and forms and can be applied to any surfaces, especially melamine.

  • This 1 component product is easy to use and apply with a clean brush or cloth
  • Allows for easy & clean removal of cured epoxy projects
  • Does not damage your mold or equipment,  does not affect your epoxy.
  • Will improves molding efficiency  and will extend the life of your epoxy mold.
  • For use with all CHILL EPOXY™ systems
  • Available in .500ml and 1L formats
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