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Chill Sealer - Fast Drying Epoxy Seal Coat

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CHILL SEALER is an epoxy system with 100% reactive materials with a very low viscosity and high resistance to ultraviolet rays. CHILL SEALER is ideal for sealing live edges or surfaces of any wood to be used in river table castings or epoxy flood coats. It is also great for use as the epoxy flood coat. Its very low viscosity will allow to deeply penetrate in the wood fibers and avoid air bubbles to form upon the exothermic reaction of the CHILL DIAMOND FAST, CHILL CLEAR, CHILL ICE 1, CHILL ICE 2 and CHILL DEEP POUR.

One of the main feature of CHILL SEALER is its fast-drying time of less than 4-6 hours at 22°C. The re-coat time is less than 3 hours at 22°C. This can change depending of the coat thickness and ambient temperature.

We recommend to apply 1-2 coats with a brush or a roller for the sealing of wood prior to a deep casting or flood coat. The number of coats will depend on the wood density. The main objective is to get a plastic finish on the surface of the wood. When being used as a flood coat, we recommend using a plastic gauge raking tool at either ⅛" or ¼" to evenly spread the CHILL SEALER across the surface. 

Size: 1.5L