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Custom CNC Routing And Carving For Endless Possibilities

Custom CNC Routing And Carving For Endless Possibilities

Custom CNC Routing and Carving Services

We offer custom CNC routing and carving at our sawmill and custom furniture facility in Concord, North Carolina. 

Our commercial-grade CNC router gives us the ability to carve logos, quotes, names, and designs into large pieces of wood and custom tabletops or signage. 


CNC router North Carolina

CNC Machine Function

Our 5’ x 20’ CNC machine allows us to offer a significant expansion of services including slab flattening, custom wood routing and carving, sign making, wood countertop template cutting, and aluminum and plastic parts cutting and machining. Our setup has 4th axis rotary capabilities so custom carved components such as stair newels and balusters, gun stocks, etc. are within the realm of possibilities. We offer design services to take your idea and turn it into a finished reality!

The possibilities are endless with a CNC router. Have a restaurant and want tabletops with a logo engraved, or maybe a conference table with a company logo down the middle? Have a small business and need custom signage? Or a special date, quote, memory, etc. that you would like immortalized in a live edge slab or crosscut tabletop? We've got you covered. 

We offer the service alone or the CNC service alongside a custom furniture project. 


CNC router North Carolina


The CNC router also gives us the ability to carve, cut, and shape wood to create custom wood countertop packages. A wood countertop is a durable, and stunning, alternative to the standard hard surface countertops. Make your kitchen unique by adding a full Monkeypod or Tigerwood countertop or simply cover your island with an exotic wood slab countertop to add a natural design element. 

You'll find more information on our live edge slabs and crosscuts, that we have available at our Concord, North Carolina showroom and production facility, as well as in our online store, on our blog page. Feel free to browse our gallery as well for inspiration and ideas for your custom furniture or signage project!

If you're not familiar, a CNC router, or computer numerical control router, uses software to create computer control tool paths, enabling the machine to cut anything programmed into the system. CNC routers reduce waste and increase productivity, producing various items in a much shorter amount of time than using other machines. They also provide for unparalleled customization. 


CNC router for custom signs and engraving in Concord North Carolina

How It Works 

CNC machines run on a series of pre-programmed commands. From start to finish it's a three-step process. Step one involves using vector files and CAD to design the imprint or cut desired. Step two is converting the vector to G-code. Finally, a CNC control software runs the G-code. 

The design options with a CNC router are nearly limitless. The design software used can import photographs, vector images, logos, copy, and script, as well as auto CAD files. 

Due to it's wide-ranging capabilities, a CNC router can route and cut virtually any material cleanly and efficiently using a variety of tools. Have a project in mind and aren't sure where to start? Contact us today to learn more about our CNC router capabilities or to discuss a custom project with us.  Get In Touch

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