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Slab Flattening / Surfacing

We offer flattening / surfacing services on all of our live edge slabs. We use a large CNC router to create perfectly flattened and coplanar surfaces, ideal for wood counter-tops and custom dining tables. 

The possibilities are endless with a CNC router...

Unlike pre-cut lumber, live edge slabs are a bit less exact, and hardly ever flat. This uniqueness is part of their charm! However, it doesn't work well to have a countertop, dining room, or coffee table that is buckled, uneven, or has ridges. Because of this, at C3 Forest Products we flatten our live edge slabs before sanding and finishing to create the perfect table or countertop surface. 

Slab Flattening

The process of milling the wood surface to remove humps and non-flat areas. The result is a slab that is completely flat as well as coplanar (has a consistent thickness) so that the wood can be used in high quality applications such as tables and countertops.


We utilize our CNC router to perform the surfacing, which provides an extremely high precision outcome unlike some alternative methods such as helical planing and wide belt sanders. Helical planing does create smooth, coplanar pieces, but does not flatten.

Board Sanding

At C3 Forest Products we also offer sanding as an additional, optional, service that takes place post flattening the slab. We can sand the surfaces to 80, 120, or 180 grit, depending on your preference or how you are planning to use the live edge slab. We can also round and sand the edges of the slabs if this makes sense for the project you have in mind.  

If you are a woodworker or furniture maker interested in streamlining your processes, and starting your projects with a material that is more refined, we're happy to take on the first steps for you. 

We also offer this service to individuals who simply may not have the tools or the desire to do the heavy work of slab flattening and sanding.   

Both services are priced per square foot of area that flattening or sanding is performed on, or priced by project on smaller pieces. 

Kind Words From Our Customers

In my first experience working with Daniel at C3 Forest it has truly been a pleasure. One of the few folks still out there that actually does what he says he will do. Couldn’t be any happier with the piece that I purchased from Daniel.


Daniel and C3 Products do exceptional work and I highly recommend them. They are fairly priced and have great products & workmanship.


Daniel does outstanding work and really listens to his customers! We customized our order and he was able to accommodate us with a perfect outcome and great turnaround! I highly recommend Daniel and his team!



Interested in our flattening and sanding processes? Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss a project that you have in mind.