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Custom Wood Furniture

Custom Wood Furniture

Custom Furniture Made From Exotic Hardwoods

Every customer has a unique need, so shouldn't our services be unique too? We think so! 

We like to think outside the box and offer a portfolio of custom services to add value to our customer's projects. 

We take some of God's most beautiful resources and customize them for your home or workplace, using sustainable timber craftsmanship.


live edge slab dining table
C3 Forest Products imports live edge slabs and crosscuts from a sustainable forest program in Costa Rica to make tabletops and other pieces of custom furniture. Our custom dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, and countertops are the perfect natural design element to add to any space. Whether furniture maker, DIY hobbyist, or just a lover of the natural beauty of wood, the sky is the limit with what can be accomplished with our one-of-a-kind natural showpieces.


Have an end goal in mind but don't want to go through the process of drying, sanding, finishing, and assembly? We've got you covered with our professional customization, finishing, and assembly services.


We offer custom wood furniture fabrication and finishing, When purchasing a live edge slab, crosscut, console, or shelf from our inventory, it's as simple as our 3 step process: 

  • Select Wood Piece
  • Select Finish
  • Select Base / Hardware

Then we handle the rest and deliver a turnkey furniture set or assembly for you to enjoy.


live edge slab from Costa Rica

Live Edge Slabs and Crosscuts

Live edge slabs and crosscuts can be used for a variety of projects. Check out our blogs and gallery for ideas and inspiration. The wood that we import from Costa Rica is sourced from a sustainable forestry program and holds the beauty and magic of Costa Rican rain forests. Want to learn more about the wood that you're using for a custom piece? We've covered each wood type form Monkeypod and Tigerwood, to Jatoba and Tempisque in our blog series "Costa Rican Wood" which can be found on our blog page. 


Wooden products, made from the rain and cloud forests of this beautiful country, are a rich reminder of the magic country and its people. 

Exotic roots are another stunning piece that can be used to create a custom dining table, buffet table, coffee table, or simply as a focal point in a space. The roots from Costa Rica are a great conversation starter and look stunning in any style of home. Roots are finished using a process similar to our finishing process for live edge slabs and crosscuts. 

All of our available live edge slabs, crosscuts, and roots can be viewed at our showroom in Concord, North Carolina, or in our online shop. Keep checking back as we are constantly adding to our inventory.


live edge slab table


At C3 Forest Products we also source wood from unique local sources, such as reclaimed barn wood. Have a project in mind and don't know where to start? Feel free to contact us today so that we can help you decide what piece of wood would be best for your custom furniture project. 

We also offer finished products; Live edge slab dining tables, and crosscut coffee and end tables. These are a great option allowing for shorter lead times. We add to this selection often as well, so be sure to follow our Facebook page to be made aware of new furniture as we complete each piece. 

The current live edge dining tables and crosscut coffee tables available can be found in our finished products online shop and viewed in our Concord, North Carolina showroom.

Our staff of woodworkers are ready to discuss your custom furniture project anytime! Feel free to contact us with questions or to inquire about sourcing a particular piece of wood for a custom tabletop.

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