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Our Mission

We believe that we've been entrusted with resources given to us by our Heavenly Father. We don't deserve anything, yet His grace and mercy pour out for us each day, which affords us the opportunity to continue living and loving others. It is our faith that keeps us going and we seek to worship God in all that we do and give Him the glory for all things that are good.

What is a Christ Centered Company?

We approach 'Business As a Ministry' and invite Jesus into our workplace each day. This mission driven approach influences the way we carry out business, the way we treat our customers, vendors and employees and the way we live our lives.

Our company is built with 3 core purposes:


We seek to always maximize the impact of the resources that God has continued to entrust us with.


God's Kingdom is expanded when we love and disciple people as we conduct business.


10% of every dollar we take in is given back to God through the ministries we partner with.

Ministries We Support

Click on a logo below to learn more about the work that these faith based ministries are doing in our world today.

Present Age Ministries

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