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Tree to table, we'll guide you every step of the way!

We take some of God's most beautiful resources and customize them for your home or workplace, using sustainable timber craftsmanship.

From CNC Routing to Custom Milling Services...

C3 Forest Products has you covered. Reach out with a project request for a free quote. Let's get started today!


  Step 1

We custom saw your logs into slabs or lumber with the dimensions you specify. You can bring your logs to us or we offer pick up service.

  Step 2

We air dry, then vacuum kiln dry the slabs / lumber so that the wood is stabilized, reduced to a 10% moisture content or less and any remaining bugs are killed.

  Step 3

We CNC machine flatten the slabs or plane / mold the lumber.

  Step 4

We custom build tables, mantels, shelves, misc. furniture out of the slabs / lumber, and We custom design and build bases / misc. metal fabrications and assemble the final product.


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