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16 Unique Ways to Use Live Edge Slabs and Crosscuts (Part Two)

16 Unique Ways to Use Live Edge Slabs and Crosscuts (Part Two)

Using Live Edge Slabs and Crosscuts In Your Home

wood tables


Wood slabs are often used as countertops or dining tables, giving a space a touch of nature and great character. Live edge slabs are especially popular because they can really make a room feel alive. There are a lot of other ways to liven up a room using live edge slabs and crosscuts. Adding wood to a space, especially exotic live edge slabs and crosscuts, is a great conversation starter. 


These completely unique uses of wood slabs prove that there are tons of ways to add the rustic charm, that wood provides, to any room. Whether an exotic wood slab or domestic, these creative ideas are beautiful touches to a room or home.

live edge crosscut

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a great way to introduce wood tones and a natural vibe to kitchens. Hard woods are the perfect base for chopping vegetables and fruits, and look beautiful displayed on a countertop or as a centerpiece on an island or dining room table. Wood cutting boards work well with any decor style and add a natural touch to more modern aesthetics. 


live edge slab bowl


With the proper tools, crosscuts can be molded into a bowl shape and make a great bowl for breads and salads or even just as a decor piece. Typically a wood bowl jig is used to carve out the bowl shape from a slab of wood. This can be added to a table saw or router, or can be a piece of equipment on its own. Crosscuts can also be cut in a certain way to achieve a bowl form when harvested from a tree. 


decorating with wooden furniture

Mirror Frame

A mirror frame is a great way to add a wood element to any room! From bathrooms and bedrooms, to living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers. A mirror adds light and can make a room feel larger, and using the wood frame is a great way to add a touch of nature to a space. There are a number of ways to achieve a stunning design and this is really left up to you after you choose your wood piece! This piece can also be as large or as small as you would like. Use two full sized live edge slab pieces to make a full length mirror (as pictured) or cut a live edge slab into strips to frame a smaller mirror. Crosscuts can also be hollowed out in the middle to leave room for a circular mirror. The possibilities are endless.  


live edge slab headboard


Headboards are a perfect way to add style and a design focal point to a bedroom. A wood headboard adds a calming sense of nature to a bedroom and can be easily installed. Simply anchoring a live edge slab to a wall behind your bed is a great way to achieve this stunning look.  


live edge slab doors

Glass Doors

Another unique option is to add glass panels to a live edge wood slab to create glass doors. While this will most likely require professional assistance, it is a stunning way to add a wood element juxtaposed with a glass element to your home.  

wooden lights

Light Fixture

Using a unique live edge slab or a stunning crosscut as the base to hang pendant lights from is another stunning way to use wood in your decor. The possibilities are endless with this decor piece as well. To start, choose a piece of wood that you love. Then choose pendant lights that fit the style of your space and can be attached to the wood. Edison bulbs are very popular right now and look great with the natural wood. Mason jar style lamp pendants or a more modern globe are other great options. 


You can also use a crosscut as backing for a wall sconce. The light hitting the wood creates a warm and natural element and adds a cozy feel to any room. 

live edge slab swing


Why not add a live edge slab element to your porch or patio as well? A live edge slab is a perfect base for a porch swing. This project is fairly simple and can be completed with a beautiful piece of wood of your choice, and a couple items for your local hardware store. You could also create a swing for your children and hang it from a tree. Live edge slabs can be treated to sustain the elements so that you don't need to worry about the wood wearing down.  


C3 Forest Products

The first step to adding any of these beautiful design elements to your home is choosing the wood you'd like to work with. Check out our wide range of exotic live edge slabs and crosscuts to get started! Happy designing!

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