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How To Repurpose Fallen Trees

Cutting down a tree from your property can be an emotional event for some people, especially if the tree was very old or had sentimental value to the family. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees that are damaged or unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to repurpose the tree and give it new life. At C3 Forest Products, we can produce custom sized and shaped boards from a fallen, or cut trees with our sawmill services

Here are 10 wonderful ways you can find new uses for an old tree.

1. Coffee or Kitchen Table

There are many different types of furniture you can make with a tree that’s come down, and coffee and kitchen tables are among the most popular. Moreover, there are several ways that you can create the structure for the table. These include using a large slice from the trunk, using the entire trunk itself, or by cutting the trunk into logs and making the table with that.

Top trendy tip: A repurposed-tree coffee table with a glass top set on a hollowed out trunk.

2. Bench

Another way to repurpose the entire trunk of a tree is laying it sideways and hollow out the middle to create a bench. You can also leave the bench leg-free and hang it to create a swing, or turn the trunk right side up and carve out an individual armchair.

3. Flooring/Garden Path

The ways you can use trunk and branch slices are innumerable, and one of the most creative we’ve seen is using them to build a garden path (in place of stepping stones) or to make a unique interior floor (in place of tiles).

4. Cutting Boards

Another way you can make use of slices from the trunk is to turn them into cutting boards. The important thing is to treat the slab with a finish (such as tung, walnut, or linseed oil) that will protect it from water, foods, and damage.

5. Coasters

Thin slices from smaller trunks and branches are a great way to get new coasters. Just remember to finish these as well before using them. Otherwise, the liquid could damage or warp them.

6. Art

A large trunk from a tree can also be repurposed into a magnificent work of art with a few tools. It’s a good idea to draw out your plan first, but the world is your oyster. Here are some ideas to get you started: carving animals, scenes, modern sculptures, or people.

7. Planter

A hollowed out trunk is a great place for new growth, and you can easily repurpose a tree by turning it into a fertile bed for new plants.

Plant pairings: You can plant any type of vegetation you like in a tree trunk, but there’s something perfect about planting succulents in a hollow trunk.

8. Candle Holders

With a simple drill bit, you can turn a small tree branch into a beautiful and rustic candle holder. Most people make a shallow hole in the center of the branch that’s just wide enough for a votive or tealight.

Décor idea: These types of candle holders are ideal for autumn table settings, natural weddings, and even winter holiday centerpieces.

9. Wine Rack

Start with a sturdy piece of trunk or a thick branch that’s at least 1 or 2 feet tall, bore a few holes through the center that are large enough to accommodate a wine bottle, and voila! You’ve got yourself a creative, attractive, and unique wine rack that will hold at least a few bottles of your favorite vintage.

10. Book Shelf

You can actually use a similar method as the wine rack to create unique and personalized bookshelves using a partially hollowed trunk. Start with a taller trunk or thick branch, hollow out the center, but leave sections from the middle intact to create shelves for your favorite novels.

Cutting down a tree doesn’t have to be a sad occasion, and these 10 ideas will hopefully provide the inspiration you need to find a new use for your tree. Repurposing old trees isn’t just an act of creativity, but also a way to make sure that your tree gets the longest and fullest life possible. 

Have a fallen tree that you'd like to immortalize with one of the options above? Feel free to reach out to discuss the project with us, and to get a quote!

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