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Conference Room Live Edge Slab Table

What Does Your Conference Room Say About Your Business

What Does Your Conference Room Say About Your Business

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you meet with clients for the first time at your business, the design of your conference room can really help to set the tone, and speak for your business. Your conference room is the centerpiece of your office. You not only meet with clients there, but you also hold meetings with everyone in the office. It’s a space for ideas, new plans and great working relationships. With all that in mind, it needs to communicate the right message. Here are some ideas to consider.


Conference room table

Express Your Culture

Your conference room walls are the perfect place to help visitors, and your staff, understand the values and culture of your company. Logos from clients you’ve worked with before, pictures of your products, or photos illustrating your services will set the tone. You can also use vision and values posters in the conference room to inspire your team members and illustrate what is important to your organization.

Conference room live edge slab table

Keep Everyone Comfortable

Meetings can run long, so you want to be sure that your attendees – whether they are your employees or customers – stay as comfortable as possible. Your conference room table shape can inspire creativity and collaboration—and also say a lot of about your company. For example, a classic rectangle communicates that you value traditional hierarchy. There’s a clear “head of the table” where the focus goes. A U-shape conference room table allows different people to take control of the meeting and present from the inside of the U. It can also make the room feel more productive and collaborative. A round table can make things equal, but can also be difficult to talk across and to designate a specific speaker.


Provide Space For Laptops and Note Taking 

Meetings between current clients, potential clients, or employees often involve extensive brainstorming and discussion which inevitably leads to plenty of note taking. Whether this involves notebooks, notepads, pens and pencils, or laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, it will be important to provide space for each person sitting at the conference table to have the tools they need in front of them. A large rectangular table is typically the ideal shape and size for collaboration of this type, as this shape often provides the most elbow room and space in front of meeting participants to spread out whatever is needed during the meeting. This form of conference room table also provides ample space for larger documents such as blueprints, posters, and other large printed marketing or business materials.  

Custom Conference Room Tables and Desks

Live edge slabs make idea conference room tables because of their size, and unique touch. Think of the impact a stunning live edge slab from Costa Rica would make in your conference room. The table itself will become a great ice breaker and conversation starter, while also providing ample space to spread out note taking items, and other business documents. At C3 Forest Products we also have the ability to use our CNC router to custom engrave company logos, motivational quotes, names, or whatever else you may desire to have engraved in your conference room table. 


Why not add a custom table, engraved with something important to your company, to boost moral, improve first impressions, and create immediate conversation in your meetings. Contact us today to get started on a custom conference room table for your business!

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