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Wood Furniture In Design

Wood Furniture In Design

Custom Wood Products

Wood is not only an important material used structurally in architecture but also a timeless element to feature in interior design. Since the Stone Age, wood has been the go-to construction material for builders and designers. It's a beautiful option for adding a unique and warm design element to your space. Wood is also a more sustainable resource than many other materials. Wood is renewable like any crop, and it’s a carbon sink, sequestering the carbon dioxide it absorbed during growth even after it’s been turned into lumber. More simply put, because wood used to be a living organism, it contains a spiritual energy that affects us in a positive way and helps create a relaxing environment. 


Custom Root Table


In addition to its soothing effects on your senses, wood is one of the only materials that can be finished to look like shiny marble, or in almost any way you can imagine. There are lots of techniques for texturizing, smoothing, painting, and staining wood to give it the look you want. Or left in its natural state, wood can be crafted into truly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs that showcase its unique imperfections, knots, and grains. 

Wood can be used virtually everywhere – inside and out – as a design element to complement any style and is a durable, classic, option for custom furniture. 

We import stunning live edge slabs and crosscuts from a sustainable forest program in Costa Rica to make tabletops and other pieces of custom furniture. Our custom dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, and countertops are the perfect natural design element to add to any space. Whether furniture maker, DIY hobbyist, or just a lover of the natural beauty of wood, the sky is the limit with what can be accomplished with our one-of-a-kind natural showpieces.  

Each type of wood that we import from a sustainable forestry program in Costa Rica, as well as our unique local finds, has a story to tell. 

Check out our blog series on Costa Rican wood to learn more about the origins, textures, myths, and functionality of each type of wood. You'll learn about everything from Monkeypod and Tigerwood, to Jatoba and Tempisque. 

These live edge slabs and crosscuts are created from trees that fill the rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica. The exotic woods possess a richness of color and durability that is hard to beat and is perfect for crafting custom wood furniture. Live edge slabs and crosscuts can be used for a number of custom wood projects. Check out our blog post on using wood elements in your design for some fun and unique ways to incorporate beautiful wood elements in your home.


custom live edge slab dining table


We offer services to take your design or specifications and transform them into custom wood products to support your residential, commercial, or industrial projects. 

Have an end goal in mind, but don't want to take on the process of drying, sanding, finishing, and assembly? We've got you covered with our professional customization, finishing, and assembly services. Check out our online photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. You can also browse our current selection of live edge slabs and crosscuts in our online store. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or to get started on your custom furniture project.


live edge slab dining table


Are you a furniture maker, or woodworker interested in sourcing quality, unique, wood to finish your own custom furniture or home accessories project? We have wholesale pricing just for you. Feel free to contact us for more information on our customized wholesale offerings. 

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